We are one of the India’s leading providers of enterprise WiFi solutions with a highly successful track record across both public and private sector organisations. 


At Siemsys Solutions, we have substantial expertise designing and deploying enterprise-grade, high performance, secure and reliable wireless network solutions for businesses. We have delivered wireless network solutions for a wide variety of business types including enterprise businesses, small businesses, hotels, restaurants and other establishments. 

With over a decade of experience designing and installing wireless networks. Our installation technicians will arrange a time that will least impact on your business operations and will install your new network with the minimum of fuss and disruption.


We Specialise In


Wireless networks are ideal for smaller premises and single locations such as offices, hotels, factories and cafes. With a range of up to 100 meters, a wireless network will allow you to connect all your computers, share an internet connection and allow easy video, data, voice and file sharing between your employees. 

Each wireless network account will have a dedicated account manager who will ensure that the design and installation perfectly matches your business’s requirements and is completely secure from outside access so your information remains sufficiently protected.



System & Configuration design

Controller configuration

System Go-live & Post Deployment Site Survey

Connectivity, security and performance testing

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