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Video walls are being used more and more by businesses to promote and market their products and services. When size is important and impact is what you are after, then a video wall may be just the feature that you are in need of to brighten up your image.

Whether you are looking for a 2×2 portable video wall for moveable demonstrations or a 25 screen fixed installation, we have the products for you. Each model has different specifications depending on your requirements and all of our products provide outstanding cinematic viewing. With our video walls, you are guaranteed to impress visitors that walk into any room.

The number of screens that can be connected are endless and the bezel edges on the screen allow us to install a video wall that is linked seamlessly. You can use the large screens to promote your business, latest features and offers or you can always show the latest sports game on a giant video wall screen. Regardless, your customers will be impressed.


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We can create a video wall in any shape or formation; portrait or landscape, our experienced installation engineers can fit the perfect video wall to suit your needs. With multiple screens, it is necessary to install an appropriate processor to ensure that the content is seamlessly displayed. With our experience, we know a lot about the best processors to use for certain sized and shaped video walls.

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SIEMSYS SOLUTIONS is a leading audio visual specialist providing complete video wall solutions to companies and organisations in all sectors. From retail displays to digital menu boards to outdoor signage, we can provide the right digital solution for your project.

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