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Siemsys Solutions employ highly trained and experienced network design consultants. We specialise is providing bespoke IT network services that are designed and maintained to suit your individual requirements. Our team of expert network technicians will consider all relevant factors during the design process and will you offer a comprehensive network design service.


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We will assign one of our dedicated and professional account managers to perform a comprehensive survey of your business environment, current network and any future aims to expand your business. Once we have a thorough understanding of your business needs, we will be able to design your ideal functional network. Our network team can design and install all types of network including LAN, WAN, wireless and structured cable networks.

Network design and installation tailored to your specific needs

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LANs are most suitable for offices and colleges and allow information, files, hardware and software to be shared between trusted users at high speeds. Their long-standing popularity is a testament to their versatility and efficiency. Here at SSS Computers we have over a decade of experience designing and installing functional and reliable LAN systems to improve productivity at your business, and they can be easily designed to incorporate a cabled Ethernet system or be created wirelessly.


WANs cover a larger geographical area and are often used to connect multiple locations or large corporate networks, such as in the banking industry or at military bases. They usually require multiple servers that communicate information between locations, allowing large scale sharing of data, files, applications, hardware and software. There is also a possibility that you can incorporate a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, which allows your employees to log into the system from a separate and remote location, such as a home computer.

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