Explore our range of fully managed data storage solutions, including Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Attached Network (SAN).


Our knowledgeable team of data storage experts will ensure that you get the best data storage solution for both your current and future data storage needs, ensuring that your business critical applications run effectively, keeping your organisation productive.

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Direct Attached Storage

Direct Attached Storage is dedicated, entry-level data storage that is designed to give you superb flexibility and easy scalability when you require an efficient, fully redundant data storage solution in order to run effectively.

Network Attached Storage

Enjoy highly secure, high performance and scalable data storage with Network Attached Storage (NAS). Your NAS connects directly to your network and allows multiple users to access and share the data stored on it quickly and easily.

Storage Attached Network

A Storage Attached Network (SAN) provides you with enterprise grade data storage performance and reliability, providing you with access to consolidated block level data storage.



We will provide you with incredibly flexible, fully managed and cost effective storage for all of your organisational needs.

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