Our competency relies on providing hi-tech & customized security systems like CCTV, IP Camera, Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance Systems, Security Alarm Systems etc. 

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Whether you are a small, single facility business or have a massive multi-site operation, we can design and deploy a perfect-fit video surveillance system for your needs. Safeguard your property, team, and products with top-quality CCTV systems from Siemsys Solutions. We provide a wide variety of CCTV security cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Mobile DVRs, IP cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVR), Wireless Security Cameras, Surveillance Camera Systems etc.



Good system design is crucial to ensure you obtain an effective CCTV system that meets your requirements. Our team of experienced security consultants will advise you on important matters such as: the type of cameras and their locations, which recording equipment will provide good quality images, the required image storage space, whether you need to improve ambient light levels, they will further advise on whether an IP or analogue solution best suits your budget and requirement.

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