Delivering a world of audio visual and smart technologies to the home.


With over 20 years’ experience, we are the India’s leading audio visual systems integrator providing multiple solutions. Our residential team specialise in prime residential properties with the experience and resource to deliver in both single occupancy & multi dwelling developments.

Our holistic partnering with professional and household brands provide customers with the widest range of products as part of an impeccably designed system, all underpinned by our dedicated project delivery and support service team.


Home Cinema

Home Cinema

We partner with the leading display and audio manufacturers to provide our customers with the very best technologies available to create stylish, bespoke solutions to entertain the family and impress your guests.   When the latest ultra-HD displays such as OLED, QLED and 4K projection are paired with 3D surround sound, the result is breath-taking and provides a truly immersive cinematic experience. 

Smart Control

The modern smart home features many devices and endpoints, each with their own set of controls.  With over 20 years AV experience, we understand that the best user experience is achieved through easy to use interfaces and one fully integrated system, designed to keep you in control.  

Decide how you want your environment to work, predefine lighting, heating, sound and vision to create the perfect ambience.  Unlock the power of these intelligent technologies so they work in harmony with your lifestyle and are controlled from a single touch screen or remote control.

Home Cinema
Home Cinema


Warm and relaxed lighting transforms any space. Our residential lighting design team focuses on creating warm and relaxed environments through a combination of fittings and smart control. Mood settings can be requested at the touch of a single button controlling a group of lights, creating different scenes as required throughout the day and the way in which the room is being used.

Distributed Audio & Video

Streamline all your smart home technologies and AV sources centrally in one location, that can be played back and enjoyed from any room in the home.  Whether you’re using online streaming services or your own library media, our solutions allow you to access content from anywhere in the home or as grouped multi-room zones for big impact entertaining.

Home Cinema
Home Cinema


We provide the highest quality home access systems with state of the art HD and UHD 4K security cameras that are seamlessly integrated as part of your home automation solution. Whether you are at home or away from the property, our solutions will let you stay in control, from anywhere in the world.

From CCTV to video door entry, our systems are designed to give you full control and visibility of your home or property through a range of touch panel interfaces and biometric keyless systems. Web apps and mobile devices now make it possible for you to access your system remotely to set alarms, lock/unlock gates doors and windows all at the touch of a button.


Structured Wiring & Networks

Structured wiring is the hidden architecture that provides the heartbeat for a modern Smart Home. Our attention to detail is evident in all our internally built racks, which are built and tested to exact specification on site. Racks sit at the heart of a connected Smart Home housing all the black box technology, leaving only screens and loudspeakers occupying your living space.

Home Cinema
Home Cinema

Concierge & Support Services

We’ve set the highest standards within the AV industry for customer support services. Choose from a bespoke portfolio of state-of-the-art support options and let our technical team manage your infrastructure and protect your investment.


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