Audio Video technologies that are shaping the way we teach, learn and inspire.


The impact of a generation of progressive AV technology on our learning environments has been nothing short of remarkable. From the school classrooms where teachers use interactive tools to enrich the learning experiences of our children to the university auditoria where lecturers and students connect and explore together, professional AV is really shaping the way we learn.

New resources with a vast breadth of teaching capabilities bring new courses with more visually-enhanced content that reach new students, including distance-learners who work remotely and that build more productive relationships between teachers and their students.

The requirement for audio visual solutions within the education sector are many and wide-ranging and as technologies progress so do the educational applications. We work hard to keep up to date with the latest developments in technology and educational practice to ensure that we offer the best most effective solutions to our education customers.

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Whether you’re a school, an education institute or a university, we can help you to develop the audio visual systems in your teaching spaces to support innovative teaching and meet the technological expectations of today’s learners. We’ve transformed teaching spaces, lecture theatres, communal areas and meeting rooms into inclusive multi-purpose spaces that enrich the student experience and support active engagement.



We’re equipping the education sector and engaging students and teachers like never before in these exciting environments: Academies, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Training Institutions.

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